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'Big Brother' Is Already Watching
December 2015: From catching crooks to tagging friends, facial recognition software is watching you.

Annotation Tuesday!: Boris Munoz and “Emptying the Tower of David, the World’s Tallest Ghetto”
Nieman Storyboard
December 1, 2015: A look at the craft involved in shaping this story, written with the cell phone screen in mind.

VCs Try to Find Answers in Algorithms
Technology Review
November 23, 2015: Already influential on Wall Street, algorithmic investing has begun to make inroads in Silicon Valley.

The observer corps
November 14, 2015: What is the best way to study the brain? Big labs or small?

Meet 9 nonprofit leaders obsessed with making Boston better
Boston Globe Magazine
October 28, 2015: Using their smarts and varied backgrounds, they’re making a difference in education, food, fitness and social justice

Meet teen titans launching their businesses (and still doing their homework)
Boston Globe Magazine
October 4, 2015: And you thought Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started young

This dad could not find a good school for his son. So he started one.
Boston Globe Magazine
October 1, 2015: Sep Kamvar sees his audacious experiment with storefront Montessori take off

Tommy Chang on leading a school district like a startup
Boston Globe Magazine
October 1, 2015: What the new Boston school superintendent has to say about testing, charter schools and innovation


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