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1999 articles
Y2K watch turns to Monday
ZDNet News, December 30, 1999 (with Charles Cooper)

X10's latest X cam hits the Net
ZDNet News, December 20, 1999

Will Red Hat rule on high?
ZDNet News, December 9, 1999

Waitt to step down as CEO of Gateway
ZDNet News, December 7, 1999 (with Charles Cooper)

Posner the perfect choice, observers say
ZDNet News, November 19, 1999 (with Lisa M. Bowman)

Consumers: don't hold your breath
ZDNet News, November 7, 1999 (with Lisa M. Bowman)

eBay starts blocking auction sites
ZDNet News, November 3, 1999 (with Margaret Kane)

How technology can feed the poor
ZDNet News, October 14, 1999

Bezos: Amazon.com still in day one
ZDNet News, September 29, 1999

IGN.com will buy the Vault Network
ZDNet News, September 27, 1999 (with Robert Lemos)

InteRosa takes a stab at secure e-mail
ZDNet News, September 27, 1999 (with Robert Lemos)

Computing's clown prince hits the Net
ZDNet News, September 26, 1999

LapLink: The Internet on a string
ZDNet News, September 26, 1999

Why Oracle and HP tied the knot
ZDNet News, September 22, 1999

HP announces three new strategic alliances
ZDNet News, September 8, 1999

Can Compaq come back?
ZDNet News, September 7, 1999

Critics carp at Cisco, Chambers shrugs
ZDNet News, August 26, 1999

HP, Delphi partner for insurance site
ZDNet News, August 25, 1999

Hachette's new media head resigns
ZDNet News, August 23, 1999

Nordstrom's site made for walking
ZDNet News, August 23, 1999 (with Margaret Kane)

Amazon's Greek affair gets nasty
ZDNet News, August 19, 1999 (with Joel Deane)

Amazon.com sues Greek squatter
ZDNet News, August 17, 1999

Oracle, HP link up on "e-speak"
ZDNet News, August 16, 1999

Spam party spawns FTP product
ZDNet News, August 3, 1999

Some Net firsts are bigger than others
ZDNet News, August 1, 1999

Interview with Macromedia CEO Rob Burgess
ZDTV News, July 29, 1999

Mercata.com to add baby store
ZDNet News, July 29, 1999

Compaq CEO: Diamond in the rough?
ZDNet News, July 22, 1999

Sport sites merge to play bigger game
ZDNet News, July 21, 1999 (with Matt Mills)

Compaq goes inside for new CEO
ZDNet News, July 21, 1999 (with Lisa DiCarlo)

ESPN.com finally out of fantasy nightmare
ZDNet News, July 14, 1999

ESPN.com is no fantasy All-Star
ZDNet News, July 13, 1999

DEF CON home page gets hacked
ZDNet News, July 9, 1999 (with Joel Deane)

ESPN takes its extreme games to the Web
ZDNet News, June 30, 1999

More government sites hacked
ZDNet News, June 29, 1999 (with Alex Wellen)

Woof! Pets.com goes to the dogs
ZDNet News, June 25, 1999

Measuring online spending
ZDNet News, June 23, 1999

Compaq confirms CMGI talks
ZDNet News, June 23, 1999

With Java in Palm, will companies bite?
ZDNet News, June 14, 1999 (with Robert Lemos)

Pretty Park: part worm, part Trojan
ZDNet News, June 4, 1999 (with Joel Deane)

FBI missing the real hacking threat?
ZDNet News, June 2, 1999

Hewlett-Packard: Riding the next e-wave
ZDNet News, May 30, 1999

Digital music: EFF calls its own tune
ZDNet News, May 25, 1999

HP puts vision into e-service effort
ZDNet News, May 18, 1999

Broadband game just beginning
ZDNet News, May 6, 1999 (with Margaret Kane)

The new HP: not so dull anymore
PC Week, May 3, 1999 (with Carmen Nobel)

Q&A with HP's Ann Livermore
PC Week, May 3, 1999

Psst! Wanna free mainframe?
ZDNet News, April 23, 1999

Trenchcoatmafia domains registered
ZDNet News, April 21, 1999

Compaq: Rooster or feather duster?
ZDNet News, April 20, 1999

Pay to Play
Business 2.0, April 1, 1999

Deja News will add calendaring feature
ZDNet News, March 22, 1999

Look for more online ads on TV
ZDNet News, February 3, 1999

Super Bowl - it's a big win for Web
ZDNet News, January 29, 1999

Enterpreneurs strut stuff at Showcase
ZDNet News, January 18, 1999

Firmage: I'm no Fox Mulder
ZDNet News, January 11, 1999

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