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2001 articles
On the Edge
Red Herring, October 15, 2001

VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin keeps on ticking - and talking
(Bait and Switch) Red Herring, October 15, 2001

Alpiri Hopes to Win the Name Game in E-Commerce
(One to Watch) Red Herring, September 14, 2001

Cybrant aims to configure Seibel out of the market.
(One to Watch) Red Herring, August 1, 2001

Ray Ozzie, Changing the way we get things done.
(Top Ten Entrepreneurs) Red Herring, August 1, 2001

A debate rages on IT spending and productivity
Red Herring, August 1, 2001

Access management: Security and the quest for the single sign-on
Red Herring, July 15, 2001

Medical errors are killing us
Red Herring, July 3, 2001 (Shoptalk)

Greasing the Palm economy
Red Herring, June 27, 2001 (Shoptalk)

Watching Fireflies
Red Herring, June 13, 2001 (Catch of the Day)

High tech enters the space age
Red Herring, June 20, 2001 (Shoptalk)

Configurator, RIP?
Red Herring, June 12, 2001 (Shoptalk)

Wireless with that latte, sir?
Red Herring, June 5, 2001 (Shoptalk)

Swing and miss
Red Herring, February 12, 2001 (Fishwrap)

Michael Dell: billionaire, chief executive, weatherman
Red Herring, January 30, 2001 (with Dean Takahashi)

Red Herring Columns:
In the shadow of the Valley: Looking for the cutting edge
Security insecurity
Canonizing the Internet crowd
Back to reality
Don't be depressed about techs

Red Herring Fishwrap (selected)
The meritocracy meets the Chocolate City
So sue me
Wall Street University
Deflation, democracy and departures
Feel the burn
Entrepreneurs are on their knees
Final answer? Not likely
Can you say nee hao?
Russian misery afflicts the world of mergers
Microsoft is stuck in the 80s
The fun is just beginning (VC P.S.)
The return of Jim Cannavino (Big Fish)
John Thompson eats the pressure at Symantec (Big Fish)

Red Herring Articles:
Security special… Mr. Dell develops an attitude
Not your father's PC Expo
Lycos and Terra build new Tower of Babel
Market churn causes heart burn
Feeding frenzy: reach out and buy someone

Red Herring COD
Just another monkey in the jungle

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