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2013 articles
Tech Luminaries We Lost in 2013
December 23, 2013: 14 people who made a lasting impression on the tech field

Best Buy battles back online
Technology Review
November 20, 2013: The world’s largest electronics retailer thinks stores are an asset in the fight with online retailers.

The Future Requires (Better) Batteries
Wall Street Journal
November 11, 2013: A look at what, if anything, might replace lithium ion

Analyze this, and that: CSOs latch onto better data tools,
October 31, 2013: With the emergence of more powerful tools, analytics are becoming more important than ever to security teams

Why is it so hard to find a doctor?
Boston Globe Magazine
October 13, 2013: Half of doctors in the state are not accepting new patients. A prescription for the problem.

In search of the real Jesus
Boston Globe
August 4, 2013: A new bestseller interprets history’s most influential man through the volatile world he came from.

The Bell Labs of quantum computing
Technology Review
July 22, 2013: Mike Lazaridis invented the Blackberry. Now he wants to create an industry around quantum computing.

Mashup Analytics: The Future of Big Data
Information Week
July 18, 2013: The ability to analyze human behavior in real-time and on location is coming, but we’re going to need to mash-up data to do it.

The Big One: Preparing for a Mid-American Earthquake
May 19, 2013: If another massive earthquake hits middle America, what would happen?

Warning Signs: Technology speeds disaster alerts, response
May 12, 2013: Technology has greatly improved how we prepare for, respond to disasters.

Against the wind: tornado veterans balance preparedness, practicality
May 7, 2013: Tornadoes are true freaks of nature. How should communities prepare?

Money spent beforehand blunts the impact of disasters
April 30, 2013: A dollar spent in preparation can save $4 in response time.

Disasters prove more costly as people move into storm-prone areas
April 23, 2013: Storms aren't getting more severe, but they are getting more costly, as populations expand into new areas.

H-1B Ripe for Reform
Information Week
April 16, 2013: 20% of H-1B petitions granted last year went to just four firms, all outsourcers. That's just one of several proofs that the controversial visa program is hurting U.S. tech.

How To Make A MOOC, MIT style
Information Week
March 29, 2013: Inside the making of Eric Lander’s online Biology course

The Myth About Viral Marketing
MIT Sloan Management Review
Spring 2013: Viral marketing is an appealing concept, but recent research suggests it does not describe how online adoption usually takes place online.

Education CIO Profile: Yale’s Len Peters
Information Week
March 14, 2013: Yale University's CIO discusses his career path, disruptive forces in education technology and more.

What’s Excel’s Place in Big Data Age?
Information Week
March 4, 2013: Microsoft has its own opinion. But do CIOs want to make Excel the analytics engine for the masses?

Profile: Jayanth Garlapati, Donorschoose
Information Week
February 11, 2013: Newly hired data scientist Jayanth Garlapati talks about blazing trails and his job helping DonorsChoose mine trends in teaching innovations.

An Internet for Manufacturing
Technology Review
January 28, 2013: Imagine a factory where every product remembers how it was made

Glass That Bends the Rules of Manufacturing
Technology Review
January 23, 2013: Corning developed a flexible glass, but the real breakthrough was figuring out how to mass-produce it.

Self-driving Cars Hit the Road
January/February 2013: Where will autonomous (and semi-autonomous) cars go?

Crowds Train Computer Translators
January/February 2013: Native speakers and computer scientists combine forces to make more languages available online.

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