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2007 articles
Capital Ideas and Social Goals
New York Times
December 23, 2007: A model for financing socially responsible businesses may be emerging.

Online Map Makers Gathering Data to Render 3-D Landscapes for Web Surfers, Mobile Phone Users
December 19, 2007: A trip into 3D mapping land with TeleAtlas

Apple Box-by-box
Fast Company
December 2007: A look at Appleís prospects in each of its hardware segments. A sidebar to All Eyes on Apple

Clicks for cash
December 2007: Ways to make a few extra bucks from your Web site.

Mobile Web: So Close Yet So Far
New York Times
November 25, 2007: The World Wide Web is slowly going mobile.

Cellphones Get a Boost, Thanks to Radios Made of Software
Wired News
November 20, 2007: Software plugs in cellular phone technologies that don't usually talk.

On Beyond PowerPoint
November 2007: Presentations get a wake-up call

Making Fast Food Even Faster
New York Times
October 28, 2007: It can be done, but the other innovatorís dilemma is that sometimes new things donít catch on.

Embryonic stem cells without embryos
Technology Review
November/December 2007: A Q&A with medical ethicist William Hurlbut about altered nuclear transfer.

Making Games into Communities
October 25, 2007: A Q&A on the future of entertainment with Jeff Anderson of Turbine Entertainment.

Buzzword Brings Beauty, Flash to Word Processing for Adobe
October 23, 2007: Rick Treitman and his over-the-hill gang have a hot word processor. How hot? Hot enough for Adobe to buy their company.

Software that fills a cell phone gap
New York Times
September 23, 2007: Vanu's software may change the way cellular networks handle calls.

A Tool to Organize Our Many Organizers
New York Times
September 2, 2007: In the 'meeting economy,' the software that matters is the software that brings us together.

It Takes Deep Pockets to Battle Global Warming
New York Times
August 12, 2007: There are plenty of good ideas for fighting global warming. Here's why we need government action to make them happen.

Nice View, Rough Terrain
August 2007: Windows Vista is the best-selling operating system ever. So why aren't businesses jumping on board?

Let's Get Together
August 2007: A look at social networking tools for business

A Patent Is Worth Having, Right? Well, Maybe Not
New York Times
July 15, 2007: The cost of litigation may be wiping out any profits from patents.

Seeing Family in Black and White
Boston Globe Magazine
July 8, 2007: White dad, black kids. Will the 21st century mark a change in race relations?

Organic Chemistry
July 2007: How to grow your Web traffic using organic techniques.

Beyond Words
July 2007: New kinds of printers for doing new kinds of work.

Young Knights
Boston Globe Magazine
June 24, 2007: Chess, the sport of kings, is also the sport of kids.

The Shoe Changes, But the Fit Doesnít. He Can Explain.
New York Times
June 17, 2007: Mark Klein is about to see if the market is ready for his Skins Footwear to reinvent the shoe.

Guerilla marketer Sam Ewen sure got people talking.
June 2007: The police called his campaign 'unconscionable.' Was it time to get less edgy?

The Best Spam Fighters
June 2007: Tools for beating back spam.

Why Work Is Looking More Like a Video Game
New York Times
May 20, 2007: A generation of video gamers start to remake business.

How To Educate Your Business Leaders About IT (Without Alienating Them)
May 1, 2007: CIOs are expected to know all about the business they serve. Business people don't need to know about IT. But what they don't know can hurt them.

Computing To Go
May 2007: Six portables that stand out from the crowd.

To Find the Danger, This Software Poses as the Bad Guys
New York Times
April 22, 2007: Automated hacking tools may help make software safer.

How to Present Your IT Budget
April 17, 2007: CIOs should make their budgets central to their technology strategy.

L0pht in Transition
April 2007: The members of the notorious hacker think tank the L0pht have moved on to their next stage, as has the security industry itself.

How to Improve It? Ask Those Who Use It
New York Times
March 25, 2007: Citizen product design is coming to the fore.

Winning the Numbers Game
March 2007: Software to boost the bottom line

When Germs Talk, Maybe Humans Can Answer
New York Times
February 25, 2007: Quorum sensing, a way bacteria communicate, has implications for everything from drug development to industrial coatings.

Recasting the Word Processor for a Connected World
New York Times
February 11, 2007: Innovation comes to venerable applications like the word processor and spreadsheet.

Thinks Big About the Little Guy
New York Times
February 4, 2007: Social entrepreneur Steve Bigari tries to lift up the working poor.

Development In The Fast Lane
February 1, 2007: Simulation software draws smiles from early users.

All Charged Up
February 1, 2007: MasterCard gets a payoff through a flexible approach to IT-enabled product development.

How I Did It: Philip Rosedale
February 2007: How Second Life went from unfundable to en fuego.

Does Your Business Need a Second Life?
February 2007: Why are businesses setting up shop in Second Life? One word: research.

My Second Life Life
February 2007: I get a Second Life.

Into Africa
February 2007: You can do business in Africa. Just ask Peter Hansen and Petra Krauledat of PointCare Technologies.

Can You Ace This Test?
Fast Company
February 2007: A new exam forces managers to prove their mettle.

The Storage Solution
February 2007: Do you know where your data is?

What If?
Boston Globe Magazine
January 14, 2007: The Hub of "Breakpoint," a new thriller with plenty of plot twists in Boston.

Power Play
January 2007: Electrical utilities have developed converged standards for protecting and managing risks. Is your industry next?

Indulge Your Inner Geek
January/February 2007: In "Dreaming in Code," Salon co-founder Scott Rosenberg takes us inside our software-driven nation

CRM Made Simple
January 2007: New software to supercharge your sales

Field Report: Business Intelligence
CIO Insight
January 2007: Businesses are getting smarter about how they use business intelligence tools.

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