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2009 articles
Finance minister
Boston Globe
December 20, 2009: Hedge fund executive and ordained clergyman Mark Hostetter weighs the morality of the financial system

A self-help manual for electronic overkill
Boston Globe
December 17, 2009: John Freeman’s “The Tyranny of E-mail” offers a life of reasonable email habits.

Satan, the Great Motivator
Boston Globe
November 15, 2009: Hell's power and other curious economic effects of religion.

Google’s Earth
Boston Globe
November 15, 2009: Ken Auletta’s book “Googled” shows how a tiny start-up became a powerhouse, and why we should be worried about it.

Electric Dreams
Boston Globe Magazine
November 1, 2009: E-Ink made the Kindle go. What’s next for this rising technology superstar?

Are Your Passwords Too Weak?
November 2009: How to make a password a hacker will hate and you can still remember.

Security versus the Mob
October 2009: Organized crime creates havoc for corporations.

Chicago Schooled
University of Chicago magazine
September/October 2009: The visible hand of the recession has revitalized critics of the Chicago School of economics

Sumo wrestlers are big, but are they a Big Question?
University of Chicago magazine
September/October 2009: Is Freakonomics ruining economics? Sidebar to: Chicago Schooled

Venture Capitalists Struggle with Renewables
Technology Review
September/October 2009: The credit crisis makes it harder for venture-backed renewable energy firms to succeed.

Breakfast place of capitalists
Boston Globe
August 5, 2009: Homey Wellesley diner serves eggs and business deals over easy

The Real Money Behind Virtual Goods
Fast Company
July 2009: Virtual goods might only exist online, but big dollars are being made in the real world.

Urban retrofits
Boston Globe
June 28, 2009: How to make a city green -- without tearing it down.

How Facebook and Twitter Are Changing Data Privacy Rules
June 15, 2009: Facebook and Twitter are creating new expectations for data control. Corporations need to respond.

IT gets ready for the recovery
May 26, 2009: It's time to position your IT department to own the economic upturn when it comes around.

Alternative-Energy Markets Brighten
Technology Review
May 22, 2009: Venture-capital investing remains slim, but some momentum is building.

Online market research takes off
April 6, 2009: Internet surveys combined with traditional research methods are becoming the norm

Indium welds research to search
April 6, 2009: Analytics for glory and profit.

The Chicken Comes First
Boston Globe Magazine
April 5, 2009: A children's book by Katie Smith Milway is all about microfinance. And it's a hit!

Security’s Role in Handling Layoffs
April 2009: Layoffs are an unfortunate reality in this economic climate. Security has a critical role in helping support both the departing employees and the organization.

MySpace Odyssey
Boston Globe
March 23, 2009: A history of the Internet phenomenon, from uncertain enterprise to part of the Murdoch empire

Sylvania Builds for a Bulbless Future
Fast Company
April 2009: How many teams does it take to change a company? Sylvania's betting on one.

Method in the Madness
University of Chicago magazine
March/April 2009: Iván Werning’s chaotic workspace exposes an unchained passion for economics.

Solar Firms Pray for a Stimulus Bump
Technology Review
February 26, 2009: After months of gloom, the U.S. stimulus package could kick-start some projects.

Turn of the Century
Fast Company
March 2009: A funny thing has happened on the way to globalization: Innovation now trickles up from emerging to advanced economies. And it may be the way of the future.

When the Forecast Calls for Clouds
January 2009: When is cloud computing right for your company?

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