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2003 articles
When Your Neck Is On The Line
December 2003: Mulberry Neckwear has thrived despite the slump in tie sales. How can the firm keep growing?

Internet Icebreakers, Inc.,
December 2003: Online social networks are proving useful for entrepreneurs.

Evolution Inspires IT Development
December 15, 2003: How nature inspires technology design.

Hard drives go home
The Economist
December 04, 2003: Hard disks are starting to appear in household devices, from televisions to stereos, adding novel features and making possible new products.

The Internet, on wheels
The Economist
December 04, 2003: New initiatives are extending the Internet in an unusual way - by road.

Stealth Welfare
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Winter 2003: Review of a different sort of public policy.

Rolling Corporate Justice
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Winter 2003: Pura Vida is a socially responsible startup coffee company that donates profits to charity. So how did it attract more than $1 million from investors?

TV News: Not making the grade?
San Francisco
December 2003: Grade the News project ruffles feathers.

Big savings, big risk
November 2003: Offshore outsourcing saves money, but puts intellectual property at risk.

Tech Guide: Every little Gigabit helps
Information Week
November 3, 2003: A look at the future of networking technology.

Trash your desktop
MIT Technology Review
November 2003: Will Mitch Kapor's Open Source Application Foundation change everything we know about consumer software?

File swappers to record companies: Drop dead
San Francisco
November 2003: Bay Area's reaction to RIAA suits.

Mudge Returns
Information Security
October 2003: Rock star hacker re-reemerges from self-imposed exile.

GM Pushes Web Services to the (shop) floor
September 15, 2003: A look inside a cutting edge Web services deployment.

Which brings more nano green: Republican Red or Democratic Gray?
October 7, 2003: Analysis of what Arnold Schwarzenegger's election as governor might mean for California nanotechnology development.

Technology Review 100: Profiles of four innovative young thinkers
MIT Technology Review
October 2003: Profiles of Serafim Batzoglou, Vic Gundotra, Alex Vasilescu and Tsuyoshi Yamamoto.

Book Passage, Take Two
San Francisco
October 2003: One of the Bay Area's most-beloved bookstores starts a new chapter

Tech Guide: The New Mobility
Information Week
October 6, 2003: A look at the future of the corporate road warrior (hint, it doesn't involve notebook computers).

Banking on the technology cycle
The Economist
September 6, 2003: A look at how the financial industry has shifted the way it uses technology.

Out of the Ether
The Economist
September 6, 2003: A case history of Ethernet.

A web address for every car?
The Economist
September 6, 2003: Do cars represent the next content platform? Perhaps so.

Silicon Valley faces eastward to get government gold dust
September 4, 2003: Entrepreneurs look for government funds to get their companies off the ground.

Total Recall
San Francisco
September 2003: (With Jennie Nunn) Tongue-in-cheek look at the California gubernatorial recall election

Life After Tech
San Francisco
September 2003: Notes on two San Francisco editors, Katrina Heron and Jane Goldman, after the crash.

Venerable Vegas tech show will go on
August 11, 2003: An interview with Bob Priest-Heck, new CEO of Media Live, which runs Comdex and other trade shows.

Privacy: Keeping regulators happy
Information Week
July 14-21, 2003: HIPAA, GBL, S-OÖ.a guide to how organizations can comply with ever-changing regulations. (A TechGuide)

Are We Having Fun(ds) Yet?
San Francisco
July 2003: A tongue-in-cheek charticle on the San Francisco Mayor's race

Arrays decode mystery disease
Small Times, Life Science Issue
Summer 2003: A look at the work of the DeRisi lab on SARS, and whether it will accelerate commercial deployment of diagnostic microarrays.

Bite out of breast cancer
June 21, 2003: A small firm's technology holds big promise for better diagnostics.

Ultrasounds works like bat's ears to make real-time 3D images
June 19, 2003: New form of technology may revolutionize the way ultrasound is used.

Microarrays get their 15 minutes, but routine use still years away
June 10, 2003: A look at the work of the DeRisi lab on SARS, and whether it will accelerate commercial deployment of diagnostic microarrays.

All over the map
June 2003: Where does security fit into the organizational chart? CSOs offer plenty of opinions, but consensus is hard to come by.

Intel inside healthcare technology
Bio-IT World
May 2003: Will Intel's next market be health care? One of its top researchers aims to make it so.

Community capitalists
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Spring 2003: Mike Hannigan and Sean Marx, founders of Give Something Back, break the mold for how businesses should operate.

As privacy vs. security debate heats up, NSF primes sensor pump
April 25, 2003: Tiny sensors draw research dollars - and fire.

The CIO of summer
April 1, 2003: Profile of baseball's only formal CIO.

Searching through Babel
March 15, 2003: An early look at what the Semantic Web might do for businesses.

Beyond the nanohype
The Economist
March 13, 2003: The early history of - and prospects for - nanotechnology.

Homeland cybersecurity efforts doubted
March 11, 2003: It's only two weeks old, but the cyber part of Homeland Security looks like it's been forgotten.

Vendors focus on midmarket
March 10, 2003: Shifts in the market for business software.

NeoPhotonics has eye on optical future with Lightwave buy
March 4, 2003: Optical components company hopes to survive by buying weaker rivals.

Major Mill with a new strategy: Burlington's future virtually here
Textile World
March 2003: Burlington's effort to create a virtual textile company.

Not content to gather dust in the lab, pioneer brings motes to market
February 26, 2003: Kris Pister moves from academia to running a sensor network maker.

Mobile marvel
MIT Technology Review
March 2003: A look at a new approach to high-performance, low-power graphics.

Qualcomm: Programmed for Performance
March 2003: Assessment of Qualcomm's prospects and what it means for the company's stock.

Pity by the Bay: Valley frets over other areas' new found fortunes
February 7, 2003: Bay Area leaders try to sound the alarm that leadership in nanotechnology is in danger.

Alien lands big Gillette deal, but privacy is not on razor's edge
January 24, 2003: Is a high-profile order a big win for RFID, or just another false start?

Nanomix loses high-profile CEO
January 21, 2003: Charlie Janac disappears from Nanomix

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