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2016 articles
A Davos for the Rust Belt
Nieman Reports
December 9, 2016: Instead of bringing smart journalists and celebrities to resort towns, why not get them to go where they’re really needed—middle America? [From Election Results ’16: Lessons for Journalism]

New Technology on the Block
Harvard Law Bulletin
Fall 2016: Exploring the legal and regulatory implications of the blockchain

The Pulitzer at 100: Taro Yamasaki and Life Inside Jackson Prison
Nieman Storyboard
August 30, 2016: The photojournalist talks about how he got unprecedented access — and images — inside the world's largest walled prison

Pulitzer’s Forgotten Classics
Nieman Reports
August 8, 2016: 10 stories that exposed abuses of power – and deserve to be remembered

Don’t you dare call me a baby boomer
Boston Globe Magazine
June 22, 2016: In between 1946 and 1964, things changed. And so should how we talk about my generation.

5 Questions with: Ben Montgomery
Nieman Storyboard
May 10, 2016: H ow a writer's untimely death led his friends to honor his "ancient and unafraid" writing

Making News Websites Accessible to all
Nieman Reports
Spring 2016: For journalists who want to represent readers’ interests, ensuring equal access to online content is essential

Following the Money to Great Stories
Nieman Storyboard
March 13, 2016: Business isn't boring when journalists get past the numbers

Why’s This So Bad? Confirmation Bias and Failed Narratives
Nieman Storyboard
March 11, 2016: Failed stories aren't new, but a recent string of them share a troubling pattern

Annotation Tuesday: Emily Yoffe and “The College Rape Overcorrection”
Nieman Storyboard
January 26, 2016: How to spark strong emotions in a story with lots of numbers and no central character

Notable Narrative: Ken Armstrong, T. Christian Miller and “An Unbelievable Story of Rape,”
Nieman Storyboard
January 26, 2016: Two reporters working for different organizations combined to create a better story

Jake Silverstein: Immersing you in worlds not your own
Nieman Storyboard
January 19, 2016: New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein on telling stories with virtual reality

  Michael Fitzgerald is a leading voice in the movement to revive the Old Journalism. A fervent believer that print will rise again, he works to slip slice-of-life stories into hip urban periodicals, tuck thoughtful narratives amongst the well-endowed pages of men’s magazines and place Byronic polemical poems into avant-garde reviews.

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