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2011 articles
Game Over?
December 2011: Can Harmonix lead the way forward for Boston's video game industry?

Ends and Means
University of Chicago magazine
Nov./Dec. 2011: Microfinance was supposed to lead the poor out of poverty. After a rash of suicides in an Indian state, questions arise.

How Visa Protects Your Data
Fast Company
November 2011: A rare trip inside the network’s top secret security center.

Can an Open Cloud Compete?
Technology Review
October 6, 2011: Free software provides an alternative to proprietary cloud-computing technologies

Made in Somerville
Boston Globe Magazine
October 2, 2011: How a consumer electronics firm wound up betting its future on manufacturing right here

IT ratchets up social media involvement
September 15, 2011: Marketing still rules corporate social media strategy, but IT is getting a seat at the table.

Radar system makes this a smart car
Boston Globe
July 25, 2011: Adaptive cruise control sense traffic and automatically brakes or slows

Parallel bars
June 4, 2011: Parallel programming, once an obscure niche, is the subject of increasing interest as “multicore” chips proliferate in ordinary PCs

Is Ron Schaich Out to Lunch?
Boston Globe Magazine
January 29, 2011: A man who built two restaurant empires starts a pay-what-you-can cafe.

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