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2008 articles
Clawing Back
Boston Globe Magazine
December 14, 2008: James Hook & Co., the beloved Boston lobster company, is rising from the ashes. But its story is still unfolding.

Are Social Networks Sinking?
Technology Review
December 10, 2008: The economic downturn and uncertain business plans could result in an industry-wide shakeout.

Silver Lining
Venture Capital Journal
December 2008: Cloud computing startups may be perfectly positioned for an economy in recession.

Paylocity’s Steve Sarowitz Spent $1 million building flawed software
December 2008: His dilemma: fix it, or start over?

Can Community Gardens save a city?
Boston Globe Magazine
November 9, 2008: In Holyoke, urban agriculture is spurring development and improving nutrition.

Security at the Point of Sale
November 2008: Cash, cards, inventory and customer data intersect at the point of sale. Here's how to keep your defenses up to date.

Betting on Green
Technology Review
October 30, 2008: Falling oil prices mean tough times for renewable energy, but expect the industry to bounce back.

Steve Ballmer’s Cloud Computing Ambitions for Microsoft
Fast Company
November 2008: Inside Microsoft’s push into the cloud.

How to overcome the Obstacles to Mobile Enterprise Apps
October 15, 2008: Why just use your Blackberry for email?

Tech Firms Prepare for the Worst
Technology Review
October 8, 2008: Technology companies and venture capitalists are bracing themselves for tougher times.

X Woman
October 2008: Anne Mulcahy brought Xerox back from the brink. Can she do the same for the stock price?

Vibrating Cells Disclose Their Ailments
Technology Review
September 9, 2008: MIT researchers gauge the progress of malaria using a novel imaging technique.

A Network that Builds Itself
Technology Review
September 3, 2008: Ad-hoc wireless networks may soon tell emergency workers how to deploy transmitters.

Turning Point for Touch Screens, New York Times
New York Times
August 23, 2008: Touch screens, boosted by the iPhone, may finally become a mainstream interface

Liquid Gold
Summer 2008: Researchers like Peter Rubin believe fat stem cells hold major promise for healthcare.

Tracking a Shopper’s Habits
Technology Review
August 4, 2008: Infosys’s sensor network turns stores into mini-Internets

Help! Somebody save our Files!
August 2008: How to handle and prevent four common data disasters

Save My Brain!
Boston Globe Magazine
July 27, 2008: Can a Baby Boomer keep his brain from surfing off into the sunset?

Finding and Fixing a Home’s Power Hogs
New York Times
July 27, 2008: Why we’ll soon manage how we use energy at home.

Protecting Joe's Office
July/August 2008: Joe's got a billion-dollar secret. How can he keep it safe from thieves, turncoats and spies?

Why Helio Didn't Connect
Technology Review
July 3, 2008: The flashy cell-phone company is in a very tough business.

Speak Up
June 25, 2008: Two-way translators are coming into use in the military. Can the rest of us be far behind?

Predicting Where You’ll Go and What You’ll Like
New York Times
June 22, 2008: Companies aim to use data from GPS and other devices to figure out what we really do.

Why Social Computing Aids Knowledge Management
June 13, 2008: Social networking tools promise to help companies harness the knowledge inside the heads of their employees and put it to work for the business.

Security and Business: Financial Basics
June 2008: The pros and cons of four potential metrics for measuring security spending: TCO, ROI, EVA and ALE.

Cloud Computing - So You Don't Have to Stand Still
New York Times
May 25, 2008: Computing in the cloud means good things for innovators.

How to Develop the Next Generation of IT Leaders
May 2, 2008 : Retirement, outsourcing and a tight talent supply are thinning IT's leadership ranks. Here's how to fill the gap.

Home Brew for the Car, Not the Beer Cup
New York Times
April 27, 2008: Can a startup company have us all fueling our cars at home?

Muni Wireless Is Dead. Here Comes a New Way to Connect
Wired News
April 10, 2008: The market has failed. Can two non-profits succeed at creating access?

10 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Search
March 31, 2008: The move to mobile search is starting. Here's how -- and why -- to get ready.

How Did Your Computer Crash? Check the Instant Replay
New York Times
March 23, 2008: Using Tivo as an analogy inspires an innovation in software testing.

What Are You Trying To Say?
April 2008: Translators for your business.

Hydrogen Hotbed
Fast Company
April 2008: A trip to the steaming, bubbling badlands of Iceland proves one thing: There is hope for hydrogen.

Where angels no longer fear to tread
March 19, 2008: A new science is emerging, one that looks at the evolution of religion.

Software that makes software better
March 6, 2008: Programmers are using a variety of software tools to help them produce better code and keep bugs at bay

From palmtops to brain cells
March 6, 2008: Jeff Hawkins, best known as the creator of the Palm Pilot, hopes his new theory will lead to more brain-like computer software

6 Free Way to Make Money with Your WebSite
March 2008: How your company can turn its Web site into a cash center.

Trying To Put New Zip into Moore’s Law
New York Times
February 24, 2008: Using self-assembling nanotechnology to keep the famous dictum on track.

The Future of Antivirus
February 2008: Antivirus software is dead. Or rather, it’s fertilizer.

Physicist and priest
Christian Century
January 29, 2008: An interview with John Polkinghorne

The Coming Wave of Gadgets That Listen and Obey
New York Times
January 27, 2008: After years of hype, speech recognition finally seems to have found its place.

The growing market for hands-free navigation
January 15, 2008: Startup Navstar aims to bring voice-driven GPS to the masses.

Bar hopping
January 2008: Dashboards are helping drive business.

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