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2017 articles
What Drives successful Crowdsourcing?
Harvard Magazine
January-February: Karim Lakhani's work poses the question, can a crowd of random people outsmart Harvard experts?

2016 articles
A Davos for the Rust Belt
Nieman Reports
December 9, 2016: Instead of bringing smart journalists and celebrities to resort towns, why not get them to go where they’re really needed—middle America? [From Election Results ’16: Lessons for Journalism]

New Technology on the Block
Harvard Law Bulletin
Fall 2016: Exploring the legal and regulatory implications of the blockchain

The Pulitzer at 100: Taro Yamasaki and Life Inside Jackson Prison
Nieman Storyboard
August 30, 2016: The photojournalist talks about how he got unprecedented access — and images — inside the world's largest walled prison

Pulitzer’s Forgotten Classics
Nieman Reports
August 8, 2016: 10 stories that exposed abuses of power – and deserve to be remembered

Don’t you dare call me a baby boomer
Boston Globe Magazine
June 22, 2016: In between 1946 and 1964, things changed. And so should how we talk about my generation.

2015 articles
'Big Brother' Is Already Watching
December 2015: From catching crooks to tagging friends, facial recognition software is watching you.

Annotation Tuesday!: Boris Munoz and “Emptying the Tower of David, the World’s Tallest Ghetto”
Nieman Storyboard
December 1, 2015: A look at the craft involved in shaping this story, written with the cell phone screen in mind.

VCs Try to Find Answers in Algorithms
Technology Review
November 23, 2015: Already influential on Wall Street, algorithmic investing has begun to make inroads in Silicon Valley.

The observer corps
November 14, 2015: What is the best way to study the brain? Big labs or small?

Meet 9 nonprofit leaders obsessed with making Boston better
Boston Globe Magazine
October 28, 2015: Using their smarts and varied backgrounds, they’re making a difference in education, food, fitness and social justice

2014 articles
Singapore wants a driverless version of Uber
Technology Review
December 23, 2014: Singapore plans to open one of its busy neighborhoods to driverless cars in 2015

Embracing Encryption in an Age of Surveillance
Nieman Reports
Fall 2014: Surveillance technologies make it more important for journalists abroad to protect sources

12 ideas for making Boston more inclusive
Boston Globe Magazine
December 3, 2014: Ideas number 3 (Smarter in the City) and 6 (Next Street Financial)

Delight in discovery
University of Chicago magazine
November/December 2014: Economic historian Claudia Goldin takes a detective’s joy in gathering clues, analyzing data, and reconstructing the stories behind social issues.

11 Futuristic Ways to Improve Our Cities
November 2014: From robotic sewer rats to talking trash cans.

2013 articles
Tech Luminaries We Lost in 2013
December 23, 2013: 14 people who made a lasting impression on the tech field

Best Buy battles back online
Technology Review
November 20, 2013: The world’s largest electronics retailer thinks stores are an asset in the fight with online retailers.

The Future Requires (Better) Batteries
Wall Street Journal
November 11, 2013: A look at what, if anything, might replace lithium ion

Analyze this, and that: CSOs latch onto better data tools,
October 31, 2013: With the emergence of more powerful tools, analytics are becoming more important than ever to security teams

Why is it so hard to find a doctor?
Boston Globe Magazine
October 13, 2013: Half of doctors in the state are not accepting new patients. A prescription for the problem.

2012 articles
Sitegeist Smartphone App Provides Location Insight Using Public Data and Social Media
Data Informed
December 28, 2012: A smart phone app highlights public data in a more visual way.

The New England Aquarium’s Splashy New Look
Boston Globe Magazine
December 9, 2012: The facility is pulling off a major renovation and doing it in public view.

Free Textbooks Spell Disruption for College Publishers
Technology Review
November 19, 2012: Startup companies offering knockoff textbooks are attracting students, and lawsuits

What is your total cost of risk (TCOR)?
November 12, 2012: For security, working with your insurance managers is just smart policy

Perpetual Oceans, a NASA Visualization Designed for the Masses
Data Informed
November 1, 2012: Beautiful visualization beguiles, but companies should beware.

2011 articles
Game Over?
December 2011: Can Harmonix lead the way forward for Boston's video game industry?

Ends and Means
University of Chicago magazine
Nov./Dec. 2011: Microfinance was supposed to lead the poor out of poverty. After a rash of suicides in an Indian state, questions arise.

How Visa Protects Your Data
Fast Company
November 2011: A rare trip inside the network’s top secret security center.

Can an Open Cloud Compete?
Technology Review
October 6, 2011: Free software provides an alternative to proprietary cloud-computing technologies

Made in Somerville
Boston Globe Magazine
October 2, 2011: How a consumer electronics firm wound up betting its future on manufacturing right here

2010 articles
Mister Act
Boston Globe Magazine
December 12, 2010: Since moving to Cambridge from Millis, I've hardly met an adult who does not want to be a on a first-name basis with my kids.

What We Miss about MIS
October 1, 2010: 5 old school ideas that weren’t so bad

The Grill: Patricia Calkins
August 23, 2010: Xerox's green maven drives efficiency and reduces waste from the plant floor on up.

The Grill: Sridhar Vembu
August 9, 2010: Zoho's founder debunks the myths of education.

How Puritans Became Capitalists
Boston Globe
August 1, 2010: In “Heavenly Merchandize,” Mark Valeri shows when Boston’s dour preachers became market converts.

2009 articles
Finance minister
Boston Globe
December 20, 2009: Hedge fund executive and ordained clergyman Mark Hostetter weighs the morality of the financial system

A self-help manual for electronic overkill
Boston Globe
December 17, 2009: John Freeman’s “The Tyranny of E-mail” offers a life of reasonable email habits.

Satan, the Great Motivator
Boston Globe
November 15, 2009: Hell's power and other curious economic effects of religion.

Google’s Earth
Boston Globe
November 15, 2009: Ken Auletta’s book “Googled” shows how a tiny start-up became a powerhouse, and why we should be worried about it.

Electric Dreams
Boston Globe Magazine
November 1, 2009: E-Ink made the Kindle go. What’s next for this rising technology superstar?

2008 articles
Clawing Back
Boston Globe Magazine
December 14, 2008: James Hook & Co., the beloved Boston lobster company, is rising from the ashes. But its story is still unfolding.

Are Social Networks Sinking?
Technology Review
December 10, 2008: The economic downturn and uncertain business plans could result in an industry-wide shakeout.

Silver Lining
Venture Capital Journal
December 2008: Cloud computing startups may be perfectly positioned for an economy in recession.

Paylocity’s Steve Sarowitz Spent $1 million building flawed software
December 2008: His dilemma: fix it, or start over?

Can Community Gardens save a city?
Boston Globe Magazine
November 9, 2008: In Holyoke, urban agriculture is spurring development and improving nutrition.

2007 articles
Capital Ideas and Social Goals
New York Times
December 23, 2007: A model for financing socially responsible businesses may be emerging.

Online Map Makers Gathering Data to Render 3-D Landscapes for Web Surfers, Mobile Phone Users
December 19, 2007: A trip into 3D mapping land with TeleAtlas

Apple Box-by-box
Fast Company
December 2007: A look at Apple’s prospects in each of its hardware segments. A sidebar to All Eyes on Apple

Clicks for cash
December 2007: Ways to make a few extra bucks from your Web site.

Mobile Web: So Close Yet So Far
New York Times
November 25, 2007: The World Wide Web is slowly going mobile.

2006 articles
India's big plans for biodiesel
Technology Review
December 27, 2006: Researchers are developing new methods for cultivating a plant called jatropha.

Paper Chase
Venture Capital Journal
December 2006: Business plan competitions demand a substantial investment of time and money from venture capitalists. Are they worth it?

Vendor Management 101
CIO Insight
December 2006: For mid-market companies, it's a challenge to get the attention of vendors. But it can be done.

Is That A Genome In Your Pocket?
Popular Science
December 2006: Genomics pioneer George Church wants to make DNA sequencing as common as an eye exam

How We Did It: Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, Flickr
December 2006: The inside story of how a groundbreaking Web site came to be.

2005 articles
Copyleft Hits a Snag
MIT Technology Review
December 21, 2005: Incompatibilities among "copyleft" licenses meant to promote the sharing of creative work could end up preventing it, says cyber-law expert Lawrence Lessig.

Finding savings around the fire
New York Times
December 11, 2005: Wood stove sales soar along with fuel prices. But the stoves have costs of their own.

The end is virtually nigh
December 10, 2005: How the inhabitants of an online game respond to the end of their virtual world.

Market, market on the wall...
December 10, 2005: Why don't technology firms use prediction markets to spot trends?

How to navigate China's nascent M&A market
Venture Capital Journal
December 2005: Here's how one startup managed to pull off an unprecedented deal.

2004 articles
Surfing in Secret
Yahoo! Tech Tuesday
December 28, 2004: Protecting your privacy online.

Tracking Techniques
Yahoo! Tech Tuesday
December 28, 2004: Sidebar to 'Surfing in Secret.'

Keeping E-mail Private
Yahoo! Tech Tuesday
December 28, 2004: Sidebar to 'Surfing in Secret.'

2004 Products of the Year
Information Security
December 2004: Contributions to a year-end wrap-up on best information security products

Venture Capital Journal
December 2004: After years of hype, a real market has emerged for voice over IP. It’s not too late to start dialing for dollars.

2003 articles
When Your Neck Is On The Line
December 2003: Mulberry Neckwear has thrived despite the slump in tie sales. How can the firm keep growing?

Internet Icebreakers, Inc.,
December 2003: Online social networks are proving useful for entrepreneurs.

Evolution Inspires IT Development
December 15, 2003: How nature inspires technology design.

Hard drives go home
The Economist
December 04, 2003: Hard disks are starting to appear in household devices, from televisions to stereos, adding novel features and making possible new products.

The Internet, on wheels
The Economist
December 04, 2003: New initiatives are extending the Internet in an unusual way - by road.

0 articles
What Money Can’t Buy: Michael Sandel and Market Moralism Run Amok
April 16, 2012: Harvard’s rock-star moralist says capitalism is ruining America.





2002 articles
Private money fails to make the small world go 'round
Smalltimes.com, December 12, 2002

Future unclear for shrinking Comdex
BtoB Marketing, December 9, 2002

Comdex's Secure Side
SecurityFocus, November 22, 2002

2001 articles
On the Edge
Red Herring, October 15, 2001

VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin keeps on ticking - and talking
(Bait and Switch) Red Herring, October 15, 2001

Alpiri Hopes to Win the Name Game in E-Commerce
(One to Watch) Red Herring, September 14, 2001

1999 articles
Y2K watch turns to Monday
ZDNet News, December 30, 1999 (with Charles Cooper)

X10's latest X cam hits the Net
ZDNet News, December 20, 1999

Will Red Hat rule on high?
ZDNet News, December 9, 1999

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